Dubioza kolektiv "No Escape (from Balkan)" (Official video)

Dubioza kolektiv “No Escape (from Balkan)” (Official video)

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Dubioza kolektiv “No Escape (from Balkan)”, Happy Machine, 2014
Download “Happy Machine” for free: http://bit.ly/h499yM4chin3
Download No Escape (from Balkan).mp3 for free: http://bit.ly/n03sc4p33

Production: Fabrika, Sarajevo
Director: Salem Kapić Kantardžić
Director of photography: Erol Zubčević
Screenwriter: Vedran Mujagić
Editing: Antonio Ilić
Costume design: Lejla Hodžić


Yes I left my motherland and went so far
To get a good job and a brand new car
Very smart phone, hundred inch TV
American hits on my MP3

I’m living in diaspora, I’m very proud
Of my house with the pool, master credit card
Thick gold chain hangs around my neck
Mercedes Benz parked in the back

Don’t believe the hype I never beat my wife
I’m not a macho man who would stab you with a knife
I live by your rules every single day
But some things are written in my DNA

But when I taste rakija
In my head anarchia
Back to original shape
Just cannot escape from Balkan

No escape from Balkan

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