Dubioza Kolektiv feat. Robby Megabyte Take my Job Away (Official Video)

Dubioza Kolektiv feat. Robby Megabyte – Take my Job Away (Official Video)


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Dubioza Kolektiv feat. Robby Megabyte – Take my Job Away
(Subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Russian and Turkish)

Video Production: Fabrika, Sarajevo
Director: Salem Kapić-Kantardžić
Director of photography: Almir Đikoli
Editing: Antonio Ilić
Story: Brano Jakubović, Vedran Mujagić
Set design: Jana Stijepić
Costume design: Lejla Ramić
Make-up: Naida Đekić
Graphic Design: Vedran Mujagić, Mirza Selimović
CGI & Post-production: Dino Hujić, Antonio Ilić i Salem Kapić- Kantardžić
Producer: Perla Ovadija Mosca

Robby Megabyte based on InMoov designed by Gaël Langevin (http://inmoov.fr)

Robby Megabyte is powered by MyRobotLab software (myrobotlab.org)

Robby Megabyte made at ESC club at ETF, Sarajevo by Adnan Arnautović, Almir Bešić, Aldina Bundavica, Mugdim Đuliman, Abdulah Jamak, Edin Omerović, Amina Tihak, Nermin Čović

Robot programming by Abdulah Jamak and Amir Jamak

Cast: Zoran Ćatić, Tamara Hristov, Bojana Tasov-Gavrilović, Irina Tintor, Mersad Memić, Vildana Halilović, Anja Čurković, Naida Avdić i Ana Cvijetić.


My name is Robby Megabyte
I will make your future very bright
I am just machine, it doesn’t matter
I can make your system much much better
I am electro mechanical humanoid
Fuck OSX, fuck Android
Yeah, future you can’t avoid
You will be happily unemployed

I am flesh and blood Homo-sapiens human
Just average over-consumer
I cannot make this system better
‘cause stupid is the new clever
Your artificial intelligence
Will play the beat for me to dance
There is only one salvation
Never-ending vacation
You have to do nothing at all
Every little thing is under machine control

Please machine, make my day
Please machine hear me pray
Please machine obey
And take my job away!

Your worries are completely outdated
Everything is totally automated
Switch off, lean back in your seat
You are entirely obsolete

No daily grind from nine to five
It’s so good to be alive
Machines will do all the work
Fuck this shit let’s go berserk

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