ChillSynth FM lofi synthwave radio for retro dreaming 2

ChillSynth FM – lofi synthwave radio for retro dreaming

Dive into the dreamy sounds of 24/7 chillsynth, a combo of chillwave, lofi and synthwave.
Enjoy this livestream of instrumental music perfect for study, work or relaxing at home.
Glide through hazy resonances, lush synth pads, chill beats and nostalgic reverberations.

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Copyright and Submissions:
All music played is with explicit permission from the artists & rightsholders.
Our submissions and permission process is here:
Unfortunately, due to the nature of Content ID and the inflexibility of artists’ distributors, copyright mutes may still occur.

Chat Guidelines:
This is place to share and enjoy good music. As such, refrain from preaching political ideology, racism and general bigotry. Be kind to one another. Limit spammy, one-sided exposition. And in general, don’t be an ass.