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RUN DMC – Down With The King (Official Video)

“Down With The King” by Run DMC
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Down with the king for years, about ten of ’em
Recruiting suckers, Mac and Mike, and makin’ men of ’em
Tears and fears for my peers, they rippin’
You think that it is, it is, if not it isn’t
Race for the border my daughter, ’cause beats you’re bangin’ out
Jeeps rockin’ beats in the streets when there’s time for hangin’ out
Gather, or rather form a circle around a loud
’cause brothers or others could never ever rock a crowd
Is it because he’s runnin’ off with the mouth
Or was he really clearly tryin’ to play a nigga out
Nope, shut him down, the king with a crown
’cause all you wanna be is dicky down

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