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Leaders Of The New School ‎- Case Of The P.T.A. (Official Video) [Explicit]

Leaders Of The New School ‎- Case Of The P.T.A. (Video) [Explicit] from the album ‘A Future Without A Past…’ (1991)

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It’s just another case of that old P.T.A

[Verse 1]
In school, I wrote notes and took quotes from Shakespeare
And other types of rhymes to show you that I (care!)
From things like ‘together forever’
To ‘you’re my only one’ (only one!)
It was special, I can say it was a lovin’ one
You would say someone’s knockin’ at my window (knock, knock!)
Someone’s ringin’ my bell (ding, dong!)
It’s about 2 in the mornin’ (yo D, what the hell’s goin’ on!?)


[Verse 2]
But nevertheless, it goes to show my potential
And even though our love was three-dimensional
One (me!) two (you!) three (your pops!), now, what am I to do?
I had to transform into an educated lad
Goin’ around doin’ chores for your dad
Playin’ a duck, wearin’ sweaters and shoes
Chillin’ with pop, just listening’ to the blues
And talkin’ to your mom about her love for her daughter
Suggestion to me, that I just oughta
Watch myself (inch by inch!), watch myself (and use some sense!)
So I did (hey!) and didn’t do a damn thing
But they still complained, so now I sing


[Verse 3]
Busta Rhymes, the mighty infamous
Always misbehavin’ and mischievous
Causin’ aggravation, I’ll never pause
Pushin’ out spit balls through plastic straws (in class!)
Until I got caught at last for lightin’ up the courtyard grass
Hey! Teacher, teacher, don’t try to flex
(Busta Rhymes ’bout to get a complex)
Hey yo, in class kicked it to this girl Cheryl (whaaat?)
The teacher tried to throw me a referral (no, no, no!)
But not with detention, or nor with suspension
A child wicked and wild that carries ill styles
She suggested I need to go talk to my mommy
Now when she gets home, she’s gonna wear out the body
I hate this relationship to mom and teacher
When she reaches home, hey, yo, she knows that I reached ya
Ok, of today, I am the new school prey
Between my mom, my teacher and my dad, hey, yo


[Verse 4]
Ah! Yo, teachers hate me, the girls don’t date me
Because I’m C. Broooowwwn (class clown!)
Yet and still, ah, sometimes I chill, yo
Dependin’ on the day and how I feel
Sometimes I leave an apple that’s rotten and (Brown!)
Nowhere to be found
Gum tacks on seats, five days a week
A riot in the lunchroom, I gotta get some sleep
But I didn’t do it (you did it!), I’m suspended (you was with it!)
And now it’s time to pay for the crime and I never got caught
Like Judge Wapner (Bam, take ’em to court)
A room of teachers, parents and preachers
A principal and one kid dressed in sneakers
Case of Brown vs. the Board (Order! Order!)
Yo twelve, verse one is a slaughter
I pleaded my case, ah! Face to face, ah!
It was a waste and everyone was in place, yo
Pronounced me guilty you have three hundred sixty four
Days of detention to serve, some nerve
I felt dissed, could be from pissed
The head of the board said “case dismissed”
As I walked out the room I heard them say



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